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Renowned worldwide for confidently fusing powerful aesthetics with exceptional mechanism, Roger Dubuis is a brainchild of two legendary and brave visionaries. Pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking the Swiss luxury brand considers each watch it makes to be a highly technical accomplishment and a contemporary work of art. The watchmaker is influenced by avant-garde designs and an innovative drive.
There are lots of brands who boast of avant-grade credentials but few who actually back it up like Roger Dubuis does. The brand's watches are extravagant, bold, contemporary and non-conformist in nature. Today, Roger Dubuis stands as a high-performance brand which intends to be one of the big players specialised in the luxury goods sector. It is said of Roger Dubuis that it is one of the most exciting ways to experience hyper horology.
Roger Dubuis is one of the youngest companies to achieve top tier status due to its cutting edge technology fused with age-old tradition of masterful horology. All its timepieces are limited to a certain number, making it a collectors' item with people clamouring to buy certain models. All the timepieces under its Geneva Hallmark quality seal are available with straps in range of different colors, materials and sizes that are interchangeable with the Roger Dubuis Quick Release system. All this with the guarantee that the buyer can always expect the uniqueness is what makes Roger Dubuis an icon in the watch manufacturing industry.