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A specialist in scientific measurement and timing devices, Leon Breitling opened his workshop in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland in 1884 to make exceptional watches. Even by watchmaking standards, his creations were intricate and complicated, and the success of his chronographs required Breitling to move to a larger factory on Montbrillant Street, La Chaux-de-Fonds, in 1892.
In 1914, Leon passed away, and his son Gaston inherited the business. He continued to develop the company s bestseller, the chronograph, which was eagerly adopted by the military and police forces. The development of the brand s watches continued through the First World War until Gaston s death shortly after, leaving the business without a leader for five years before Gaston s son Willy stepped in to assume command.
Willy pushed the company into the aviation industry, successfully winning a contract to provide watches to the British Air Ministry. The timing and conversion rulers available on the brand s watches made them suitable for pilots who needed to make in flight calculations for speed, distance and fuel use. The slide rule bezel aided the conversions; it was first seen on the Chronomat, then later on the Navitimer and Montbrillant.