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In a market where virtually every watch brand can be compared with another, BOVET watches stand in a category of their own - champions of a style of watchmaking that gives individual craftsmen and women the opportunity to express rare skills. It is an approach that dates back 185 years, when Edouard Bovet made his first watches to display exotic European arts to the Chinese aristocracy. Then as now, BOVET timepieces gave free of reign to watchmakers, enamellers, goldsmiths and jewellers to capture time in the most beautiful and original way possible. BOVET insists on the finest materials and the rarest workmanship - domed dials in fired enamels, hands and screws blued by fire, or miniature paintings on mother-of-pearl. Movements are selected for the elegance and robustness of their construction. Each is entirely transformed - magnificently decorated in engraving and enamels or in the traditional instrument-finish of an Haute Horlogerie movement.