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The two founders of the maison had their own specialities: Audemars was more into the creation of complex movements, while Piguet instead was most interested in the perfect regulation of the timepieces. So, since the beginning, the first operated in the design and production, while the latter took care of management and sales.
The company was - and is - among the most stalwart and prolific innovators in the field of horology, and owns an impressive collection of world records. In 1892, the company devised the world's first wristwatch minute-repeating movement, which was then supplied to Louis Brandt Freres SA. Yes, that s Omega. In 1899, they manufactured a Grand Complication pocket watch with 7 complications. In 1921 - when they were working to produce luxury timepieces for famous jewelers worldwide like Tiffany, Cartier, and Bvlgari - they designed the first jumping hour complication (where the hour hand jumps to the next hour, rather than moving progressively). And just four years later, in 1925, they launched the world s thinnest movement, at just 1.32mm.